Geographical distribution of Tabanomorpha (Diptera, Brachycera): Athericidae, Rhagionidae, Vermileonidae, and small families

Charles Morphy Dias Santos


The infraorder Tabanomorpha traditionally includes the families Tabanidae, Athericidae, Rhagionidae, and Vermileonidae. The new family Oreoleptidae was placed among the tabanomorphan,
as well as some controversial groups as Austroleptidae and Spaniidae, but there
is no agreement on the phylogenetic relationships of the groups considered as
belonging to the infraorder. Here is presented the geographical distribution of
the following tabanomorphan families: Rhagionidae, Vermileonidae, Athericidae,
Austroleptidae and Oreoleptidae. Every historical biogeographical analysis
depends on up-to-dated distributional information, and, hence, reliable lists
of distribution are a starting point to a broad comprehension of the evolution
in space.


Biogeographical regions; Diptera; geographical distribution; Tabanomorpha


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